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About Nana Froot Loop

The World through My Lens

I'm Nana Fruit Loop.  It started over 20 years ago when my kids were little and growing up with their cousins, we're a close family.  I have always been the safe fun, positive, life loving Aunt and my niece and nephew nicknamed Aunt Fruit Loop.  As time went on and our family grew that changed to Tia Fruit Loop from my nephews and now Nana Fruit Loop with the addition of our beautiful granddaughter.  My dream is to inspire others to unlock their own leadership skills, make their dreams their reality, and share my Just B, Perfect The Way You are Movement with the world with my positive clothing and accessories collection.  Every purchase helps us spread positivity. From Butterflies, Phoenixes, Bees to Beaches and Mars.  Just be is a brand focused on positive with unconditional love and acceptance for everyone's uniqueness, be unapologetically authentic, you're perfect the way you are.

New designs coming often.  Check back often to see what's unpacked for the world and most of all for you.  

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